v1.1.1 - Introducing new categories system and new services under PAPI

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New categories system

The new categories system will include 3 types of categories:

  1. Group category - represents business domains (e.g. Apparel,Dining, ....).
  2. Category - provides a subset of the group categories (e.g. Dinning is broken into restaurants and Fast Food & QSR - quick service restaurants).
  3. Sub-category - defines the accurate type of business (e.g. women's clothing, coffee shop).

For new categories definitions , see (

NOTE: The response in all endpoints returning the category information is enhanced with a new contactInfo object that includes all category information data (i.e. Group category, category and sub-category associated with the POI ). The already existing fields of category and subCategory under the root data object, are deprecated and will be available for use until the April release. In addition, till April release the category field will include the value as per the new categories system.

PAPI - New services

In this version the following new PAPIs are introduced:

Create custom POI
This service allows the developer to create a custom POI indicating its geographical location, associated sub-category, and some optional additional address information.

Delete custom POI
This service enables the developer to delete any of his custom POIs.