Migration Trends v3.1 - Release Notes

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💥What's new in the Migration trends v3.1?

New region - Puerto Rico We have now included Puerto Rico into our models and its contribution to each region. This results in changes to the Net-Migration numbers of relevant counties, in addition Puerto Rico was added to the ‘A-B migration’ files.

Covering migration within Alaska non-DMA areas The areas within Alaska that are not covered as part of DMA partitions, will now be represented as DMA region code '111' in both _net and _ab files.

Migration coverage for states' non-CBSA areas For each state that includes non-CBSA areas we add now a new aggregated CBSA. the code of this new CBSA will be a concatenation of the FIPS state code and '111'. For example Florida FIPS state code is 12, so the non-CBSA areas in Florida are aggregated into CBSA code 12111.

Refining migration between specific ZCTAs The calculation of migration between ZCTAs has been adjusted to account for specific ‘edge cases’ (such as extremely low population) in 36 the following ZCTAs:

16940 15346 12164 29614 29409 5340
14802 85325 33924 95064 93604 30303
31905 78838 79781 32821 58105 19930
78597 12085 24142 82933 81242 78879
94720 14842 2199 81225 36528 78598
85346 84643 2876 38720 22538 33921

Better Data Stability Migration Version 3.1 also includes improvement to the restatement of the last few months’ data. Significantly less volatility is expected between subsequent versions in newly published latest months’ migration data, as well as smaller and fewer restatements.