Migration Trends v3.2 - Release Notes

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💥 What’s new in Migration Trends v3.2?

  • Seasonal corrections: A data bias in geographies with a high degree of seasonality (e.g. students moving back and forth between their homes and college every year) has been fixed in version 3.2. This better captures the growth/decline in populations where such seasonal movements occur.
  • Active panelists increase: a bug filtering some of our panelist population has been identified and fixed. The fix allows us to increase the raw migration feed by as much as 10% in some locations.
  • In v3.2 data older than 6 months will have reduced variance (such very minor restatements occasionally happen)
  • As with all other placer data, Migration from v3.2 onwards will no longer include data from panelists between 16-18 years old.