v1.1.11 - July release

More enhancements and announcements within July's release

💥 New PAPI

A new Get Custom POI Info endpoint has been added allowing you to get metadata for all your account-created custom POIs.

⇪ Improvements in PAPIs

Update! The API rate limitation has been increased to allow you to run up to 1,000 API calls per hour.

Update! The Get Sub-Entities endpoint has been updated to include regional chains in the response.

Update! The Search for Placer Entities endpoint has been enhanced to indicate the region associated with chains in the response.

Update! The Visit Metrics Summary Report endpoint's response will now include an additional object that reflects all of the metadata available for the POI, including geographical location, region, opening hours, and more. The metadata object will be optional and determined based on a new request parameter (i.e. includeMetadata).


Deprecation alert

From October 15th, 2023 the Get Placer Entity info endpoint will no longer be in service. In addition, the following attributes will no longer be available in the Search for Placer Entities and Get Listed Entities for Account endpoints: openingDate, closingDate, openingHours, geoLocation.

Feeds improvements

New! Customers subscribed to the Chain-venue multi-metrics or premium export feeds are now able to subscribe to Placer’s Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service) topic to receive live updates of delivery completion.

Update! Premium Export now supports additional metrics, including:

  • Visits by dwell time
  • Median dwell time
  • Visits by hour of day