v1.1.12 - September release

More enhancements and announcements within September's release

⇪ Improvements in PAPIs

Update! The Get Sub-Entities endpoint now includes the region type (State, DMA, CBSA) and region code of the chains delivered in the response.


Deprecation alert

From October 15th, 2023 the Get Placer Entity info endpoint will no longer be in service. In addition, the following attributes will no longer be available in the Search for Placer Entities and Get Listed Entities for Account endpoints: openingDate, closingDate, openingHours, geoLocation.

Feeds improvements

_Update!_The Premium Export feed now supports:

  • Weekly granularity of data delivered every week on Thursdays.
  • New demographic metrics from STI PopStats including: population size, age, education, ethnicity, and Household Income (HHI).
  • New Retail Sales metrics which can now be delivered including: sales, sales per transaction, average ticket size, and sales per square foot.