v1.1.3 - December release

Many interesting new features in the December release

⇪ Improvements in PAPIs

New! Create a New Tag - This new endpoint enables you to create custom tags directly within the API, to easily organize and request data for a group of POIs.
Update! Trade Area Demographics Profile Report - This endpoint now includes psychographic attributes from the Mosaic, PersonaLive and FollowGraph datasets, offering visibility into the key audience segments in the trade area.

Feeds improvements

Update! The Premium Export Feed features the following additions:
Ranking Metrics - You may request to rank POIs by visits within the chain, category, or category group.
Visitation Metrics - The average visits/day and median visits/day metrics enable a granular view of visitation trends to the POIs analyzed.
Demographic metrics - The Avg HHI of visitors & Median HHI of visitors