v1.1.5 - July Release

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⇪ Improvements in Industry Trend feed

Industry trends feed is now available also in. Monthly cadence, providing insights into the overall trend of specific retail categories by regions monthly aggregated and month-over-month compared.
For further information please contact [email protected].

⇪ Improvements in PAPIs

Update! A list of eight endpoints have been updated to include the following three filters:

  • AudienceType - Metrics will be calculated for visitors, residents, and employees in any combination requested.
  • Days Of week -  Analyze visits by specified days of the week.
  • Distance - Analyze visits by distance (in miles) from visitors’ home or work location within the radius specified.
  • Dwell time - Metrics will be calculated considering the length of stay range requested.

Following are the enhanced endpoints:

  • Visit Metrics Summary Report - v1/reports/visit-metrics
  • Visits by Hours report - v1/reports/visit-metrics/hours
  • Visits by days report - v1/reports/visit-metrics/days
  • Visits by Dwell Time report - v1/reports/visit-metrics/dwell-time
  • Trade Area Report - v1/reports/true-trade-area
  • Trade Area Demographics Profile Report - v1/reports/trade-area-demographics
  • Visitor Journey - Favorite Places - v1/reports/favorites-places
  • Visitor Journey - Favorite Chains - v1/reports/favorites-chains

Update! API Calls (Update) - The way by which API calls are counted has been modified to exclude multiple calls for reports with lengthy response times that require resubmission (HTTP code 202).