v1.1.9 - January release

Check out what's new in the January release

💥 New PAPI

A new Visits by Frequency report endpoint allows you to assess the frequency of visitation at a certain POI by extracting the number of unique visitors and amount of visits broken down into visitation frequency bins.

⇪ Improvements in PAPIs

Update! A variety of endpoints have been updated to support Nearby Activity reports, allowing you to pull visitation insights for properties that may be located within dense areas, multistory buildings or other such locations where foot traffic cannot be fully processed.
You may set the distance to examine Nearby Activity within a radius of 100 ft, 250 ft, 500 ft, 750 ft, or 1000 ft from the property.

The following endpoints now support nearby activity reports:

  • Visit Metrics Summary Report - v1/reports/visit-metrics
  • Visits by Hours report - v1/reports/visit-metrics/hours
  • Visits by Days Report - v1/reports/visit-metrics/days
  • Visits by Dwell Time report - v1/reports/visit-metrics/dwell-time
  • Trade Area Report - v1/reports/true-trade-area
  • Trade Area by Drive Time - v1/reports/trade-area-demographics
  • Trade Area Demographics Profile Report - v1/reports/trade-area/drive-time
  • Visitor Journey - Favorite Places - v1/reports/favorites-places
  • Visitor Journey - Favorite Chains - v1/reports/favorites-chains

Update! Another enhancement introduces the hour-of-day filter addition, enables you to pull reports for a defined range of hours. This new filter is now available for the same, above mentioned, list of endpoints.

⇪ Improvements in the chain/venue multi metrics data feed

Two new improvements are now available:

  • The Chain/Venue Multi-Metrics feed can now be formatted and delivered as Apache Parquet files.
  • It is now possible to include an optional .success file (available upon request) to easily indicate the completion of the delivery process.