v1.1.10 - March release

Check out what's new in the March release

💥 New PAPI

A new Visits by CBGs report endpoint is now available providing the Census Block Groups that generate visitation to the properties analyzed.

⇪ Improvements in PAPIs

Update!Search for Placer Entities endpoint - A new optional parameter has been added that allows you to decide whether or not to include Flagged entities in your response. If you don't set this parameter, Flagged entities will be excluded by default. Moreover, the response from this endpoint will now contain an extra attribute indicating whether or not the user is allowed to access the entity.

Update! Get Sub-Entities endpoint - The response from this endpoint has been improved to include an extra attribute that shows the storeID of the venue. It should be noted that this feature is exclusively accessible to chain-owned venues. However, even in those situations, the attribute may still be left blank due to uncertainty about the precise value.

💥 Feeds Snowflake support

The Chain/Venue Multi-Metrics feed and Migration Trends feed can now be delivered directly to your Snowflake account, providing quick and easy access to the latest data configured in your feed. By integrating your feeds with Snowflake the data will automatically flow into Snowflake’s platform, with no additional action required on your part, allowing you to leverage Placer’s location insights via the same platform you currently use to host data. The Snowflake integration is available for accounts with feed subscriptions.
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