HTTP Status CodeError codeDescriptionTroubleshooting
2023005IN_PROGRESSReport is being created. Pull request should be resent.
2043006NO_CONTENTNo content was found for the requested apiId/s with the given parameters.
4002000BAD_REQUESTThe data entered by the user is invalid. Please verify that the URL used is correct.
4002002INVALID_ARGUMENTSMissing or invalid parameter value. Please re-check the request sent and refer to specific error message in the response to get more information.
4011000UNAUTHORIZEDThe action performed is unauthorized. Please contact customer support
4011001UNAUTHORIZED_DATA_SOURCEMissing permission to pull demographics from the requested data set.
4031008PERMISSION_DENIEDNo permission to access the entity. In case you can query the requested entity from the dashboard, please contact customer support
4031016RESTRICTED_AREAThe report is not available for this POI as it contains at least one restricted area. Please contact support team
403NANAForbidden, wrong or missing API Key.
4043000ERROR_NOT_FOUNDThe requested resource (POI) not found in the system.
4292004RATE_LIMITEDUsage quota limit exceeded.
Please refer to the following throttle rate limits :
- Quota for reports preparation - 5000/hour(relevant for visits reports endpoints);
- Quota for POI query/creation/deletion - 360/min or 10000/hour (relevant for all endpoints included in the manage POIs section);
- Quota for ranking reports- 8000/min or 80000/hour (relevant for ranking reports endpoints)
-General limitation - Execute up to 10 API calls/sec and up to 5 concurrent processes(Relevant for all endpoints)
4292005LIMIT_EXCEEDEDThis error means that your request surpasses the permitted quota of queried API IDs. The quota will be renewed on the following Sunday. For any more details or to learn about expansion options you may contact your Placer customer success manager.
5005000GENERAL_ERRORInternal Error. Please contact customer support.
504NANAEndpoint request timed out. For more information on best practices visit here.