HTTP Status CodeError codeDescriptionTroubleshooting
2023005IN_PROGRESSReport is being created. Pull request should be resent.
2043006NO_CONTENTNo content was found for the requested apiId/s with the given parameters.
4002000BAD_REQUESTThe data entered by the user is invalid. Please verify that the URL used is correct.
4002002INVALID_ARGUMENTSMissing or invalid parameter value. Please re-check the request sent and refer to specific error message in the response to get more information.
4011000UNAUTHORIZEDThe action performed is unauthorized. Please contact customer support
4011001UNAUTHORIZED_DATA_SOURCEMissing permission to pull demographics from the requested data set.
4031008PERMISSION_DENIEDNo permission to access the entity. In case you can query the requested entity from the dashboard, please contact customer support
4031016RESTRICTED_AREAThe report is not available for this POI as it contains at least one restricted area. Please contact support team
403NANAForbidden, wrong or missing API Key.
4043000ERROR_NOT_FOUNDThe requested resource (POI) not found in the system.
4292004RATE_LIMITEDUsage quota limit exceeded.
Please refer to the following throttle rate limits :
- Quota for reports preparation - 1000/hour(relevant for visits reports endpoints);
- Quota for POI query/creation/deletion - 360/min or 10000/hour (relevant for all endpoints included in the manage POIs section);
- Quota for ranking reports- 8000/min or 80000/hour (relevant for ranking reports endpoints)
-General limitation - Execute up to 10 API calls/sec and up to 5 concurrent processes(Relevant for all endpoints)
5005000GENERAL_ERRORInternal Error. Please contact customer support.
504NANAEndpoint request timed out. For more information on best practices visit here.