Q: How do I get my API key?

A: You need to make sure you have a paying Placer account, and then you can contact your customer success manager to add permissions to your account and provide you with the access api-key.

Q: When is my weekly quota being renewed?

A: The quota renewal is set for Sunday.

Q: What are flagged venues? Are those venues participating in the visits counting or ranking process?

A: There are several reasons why a POI is being flagged (for example, lack of foot traffic information, dense area, etc.). This causes unreliable visits data, which Placer prefers not to consider.
Flagged venues will be returned when searching POIs or entities of a POI, but reports cannot be generated for the foot traffic of those entities.

Q: What are the defined API call rate limitations?

A: Please refer to the following throttle rate limits :

  • The quota for reports preparation is - 5000/hour(relevant for reports endpoints);
  • The quota for POI query/creation/deletion - 360/min or 10000/hour (relevant for all endpoints included in the manage POIs section);
  • The quota for ranking reports- 8000/min or 80000/hour (relevant for ranking reports endpoints)
  • General limitation - Execute up to 10 API calls/sec and up to 5 concurrent processes(Relevant for all endpoints)

Q: Are requests for reports that end up in an IN_PROGRESS(http-code=202) status counted and deducted from my weekly quota?

A: Initially, the calls are deducted from the quota and subsequently reimbursed. A process responsible for this operation occurs twice a day at 6 AM and 6 PM.