In the following table you may find processing duration measurements taken based on a variety of test cases for each endpoint. This information can assist you when planning the utilization of Placer API.

Retry triggering

The system is built in a manner that it uses a caching mechanism for reports. As reports producing duration may take a while the system will first verify the reports caching. If the report is found then it will be immediately returned in the response. Otherwise, you will be getting the indication of IN_PROGRESS response (http-code=202) and would be asked to re-trigger the same report for receiving the full report. It is recommended to be advised of the duration estimates above when planning the retry mechanism when utilizing reports’ endpoints.

Please note, that initially, the calls which ended up with IN_PROGRESS response (http-code=202) are deducted from the quota and subsequently reimbursed. A process responsible for this operation occurs once an hour.

⏱Processing duration statistics

Report Name# entitiesDate range (Years)GranularityScopeRegionAverage processing time(sec.)
Ranking Index - Closely Ranked1N/AN/Acategorynationwide5.37
Ranking Index - Closely Ranked1N/AN/Achainnationwide5.26
Ranking Index - Closely Ranked1N/AN/AgroupCategorynationwide5.23
Ranking Index - Closely Ranked1N/AN/AgroupCategory153.27
Ranking Index - Closely Ranked1N/AN/Acategory152.6
Ranking Index - Closely Ranked1N/AN/Achain152.16
Visitor Journey - Favorite Chains15N/AN/AN/A1.81
Visitor Journey - Favorite Chains11N/AN/AN/A1.55
Visitor Journey - Favorite Places15N/AN/AN/A5.04
Visitor Journey - Favorite Places11N/AN/AN/A3.88
Ranking metrics For Multiple properties100lastWeekN/AN/AN/A0.62
Ranking metrics For Multiple properties100year2018N/AN/AN/A0.6
Ranking metrics For Multiple properties1lastWeekN/AN/AN/A0.51
Ranking metrics For Multiple properties1year2018N/AN/AN/A0.45
Ranking metrics for a single property11N/Acategory158.81
Ranking metrics for a single property11N/AN/AN/A8.46
Ranking metrics for a single property15N/Acategory158.44
Ranking Index - Top Ranked1N/AN/AgroupCategory153.79
Ranking Index - Top Ranked1N/AN/Acategorynationwide2.68
Ranking Index - Top Ranked1N/AN/AgroupCategorynationwide2.67
Ranking Index - Top Ranked1N/AN/Acategory152.62
Ranking Index - Top Ranked1N/AN/Achainnationwide2.34
Ranking Index - Top Ranked1N/AN/Achain152.19
Trade Area Demographics Profile Report11N/AN/AN/A1.5
Trade Area Demographics Profile Report15N/AN/AN/A1.66
Trade Area Report11N/AN/AN/A3.15
Trade Area Report15N/AN/AN/A1.32
Visit Metrics Summary Report11N/AN/AN/A10.3
Visit Metrics Summary Report15N/AN/AN/A15.88
Visit Metrics Summary Report1001N/AN/AN/A5.46
Visit Metrics Summary Report1005N/AN/AN/A8.38
Visits by days report15N/AN/AN/A0.74
Visits by days report11N/AN/AN/A0.7
Visits by Dwell Time report15N/AN/AN/A0.86
Visits by Dwell Time report11N/AN/AN/A0.68
Visits by Hours report11N/AN/AN/A0.82
Visits by Hours report15N/AN/AN/A0.75
Visit Trends Report11monthN/AN/A1.07
Visit Trends Report13monthN/AN/A1.02
Visit Trends Report15monthN/AN/A1.22
Visit Trends Report11weekN/AN/A1.15
Visit Trends Report13weekN/AN/A1.25
Visit Trends Report15weekN/AN/A1.39
Visit Trends Report11dayN/AN/A1.71
Visit Trends Report13dayN/AN/A3.02
Visit Trends Report15dayN/AN/A4.14
Visit Trends Report1001monthN/AN/A1.89
Visit Trends Report1003monthN/AN/A2.75
Visit Trends Report1005monthN/AN/A3.68
Visit Trends Report1001weekN/AN/A3.06
Visit Trends Report1003weekN/AN/A6.66
Visit Trends Report1005weekN/AN/A10.2
Visit Trends Report1001dayN/AN/A13.12


Avoiding Timeout(Http-code=504)

The Visit Trends Reports endpoint generates reports for up to 100 entities based on the requested granularity (DayWeek/Month). Responses may take longer to process due to the potentially large amount of data, resulting in heavy responses.

Using the Visit Trends Reports endpoint for requesting reports for 100 entities with a date range longer than 1 year is currently unsupported.

Timeouts may also arise when employing other granularities, depending on the entities in use. In such instances, consider narrowing the time frames, using longer granularity, or reducing the number of POIs in the bulk query.

⏱Processing duration statistics for Nearby activity reports

Certain properties exclusively accommodate Nearby Activity reports due to their location in dense areas, multistory buildings, or similar settings where visitation processing is not comprehensive. For these properties, visitation insights are computed using a radius ring to identify nearby visits within a specified distance from the property. You can customize the radius ring by setting a distance ranging from 100 ft to 1000 ft in the nearbyRadius parameter when it is available.

When generating a Nearby Activity report (including the nearbyRadius parameter setting), processing durations may vary compared to running standard property reports.

Below, you'll discover the processing durations for Nearby Activity reports:

Radius parameterAverage durationMinimum durationMaximum duration
250 ft27.2 seconds16.4 seconds1.88 minutes
500 ft31.8 seconds22.7 seconds1.97 minutes