Q: What are flagged venues? Are those venues participating in the visits counting or ranking process?

A: There are several reasons why a POI is being flagged (for example, lack of foot traffic information, dense area, etc.). This causes unreliable visits data, which Placer prefers not to consider. Therefore, flagged entities’ traffic is not counted in visit aggregations.

Q: What are the storage size requirements for Feeds deliverables?

A: For you to plan and prepare the storage for the delivery of the feed, please find the following folder sizes estimations for each of the feeds:

Feed NameAdditional informationEstimated size
Chain/venue metrics
The size varies based on the amount of data configured in the feed (i.e. Number of chains/venues analyzed). Following are few sample estimations
Avg. daily chain level metrics zipped feedapprox. 26.6 MB
All premium chains - chain level / daily granularityfolder size approx. 20 GB
All premium chains - venue level / weekly granularityfolder size approx. 14 GB
Brand DominanceZippedapprox. 1.6GB
UnZippedapprox. 17GB
Migration TrendsZippedapprox. 150MB
UnZippedapprox. 1.1GB
Industry TrendsZippedapprox. 50MB
UnZippedapprox. 275MB

Q: When configuring a different week aggregation than Mon-Sun, when will the feed be delivered?

The weekly feeds are being delivered on Wednesdays. The week's aggregation considers the configured day the week's starting day.

Q: How is an entity uniquely identified in the feeds and metadata files

The unique identification of an entity in the feeds consists of both the entity ID and the entity type. Therefore an ID can appear, for example, once as a venue and once as a complex.
Please note that an entity (venue/complex) included in multiple chains (i.e. parent chain and additional combined chains) will appear multiple times in the feeds and metadata files. In those cases, the unique identifier will be reached by combining the entity ID + entity type + chain ID metadata attributes.