The Origins feed groups visitation to properties of interest by the Census Block Groups where visitors live.

This feed's data enables businesses to integrate data based on regions for extended location analysis.


Configuration aspectAvailable options descriptions
Data granularityMonthly
File formatsCSV
Metrics selectionVisits
RegionsThe Census Block Group(CBG) is currently available as the visitors' home region.
Feeds time frameThe feed's timeframe can be configured to commence from January 2017 or any later date.
Delivery methodsPlease refer to the following Delivery Details for all supported Origins feed delivery options.
Delivery ScheduleThe feed is delivered on the 15th of each month.
Control filesNot supported
Success fileNot supported
Amazon SNS notificationNot supported

Deliverables and Schemas


Please refer to the definition and structure of the metrics file:

publication_dateData publication dateISO-86012023-01-01
entity_idPlacer's entity IDstring'5965fca0173f564b883c222e'
entity_typeEntity type. Supported entity types: venue, complex, chain, and billboard.string'venue'
start_dateData start date.ISO-86012018-04-15
end_dateData end date (inclusive)ISO-86012018-04-15
region_codeThe code of the region where visitors to the POI were located.

For the CBG type of region, the FIPS code is presented.
region_typeThe type of region where visitors to the POI were located.string'cbg'
origin_typeThe type of origin - Home/Work. I.e. List of CBGs that are considered as the home location of visitors to the POI
* As of now supporting home type of origin only.
visits The estimated foottraffic measured from the specific region to the POI for the date range.

Total of: 1 column

POI Metadata

Please refer to the following page for the POI metadata schema.

Regions metadata

Please refer to the following attributes provided as part of the regions' metadata file.

ColumnDescriptionTypeSample value
publication_date Data publication dateISO-8601 2023-01-01
region_codeThe code of the region where visitors to the POI were located.

For the CBG type of region, the FIPS code is presented.
region_type The type of region where visitors to the POI were located.string 'cbg' 
populationThe population within the CBG, based on Census2019.string 4536288

Sample files

Sample Origins metrics file

Sample Origins regions metadata file


Grow and expand

Follow our announcements regarding additional attributes (metadata) and metrics.
New metadata attributes will be announced and delivered to you once released.
Please contact your customer support manager to receive new/additional metrics as part of your feed.


Columns order

Please be aware that the order of columns may change slightly due to the continuous addition of data to the export and its associated metadata.


Privacy comes first

Placer is a privacy-first company, and like all our product this feed conforms to our privacy policy as is described in our Trust Center. In situations where the content of this feed conflicts with our privacy policy, the conflicting data points will be redacted from the files. Sparsely populated CBGs may not be included in the feed to align with Placer’s privacy policy.