Storage Requirements

In order for you to plan and prepare the storage for the feeds delivery, please find the following folders sizes estimations for each of the feeds:

Feed nameAdditional informationEstimated size
Chain/venue metrics
The size varies based on the amount of data configured in the feed (i.e. Number of chains/venues analyzed). Following are few sample estimations
Avg. daily chain level metrics zipped feedapprox. 26.6 MB
All premium chains - chain level / daily granularityfolder size approx. 20 GB
All premium chains - venue level / weekly granularityfolder size approx. 14 GB
Brand DominanceZippedapprox. 1.6GB
UnZippedapprox. 17GB
Migration TrendsZippedapprox. 150MB
UnZippedapprox. 1.1GB
Industry TrendsZippedapprox. 50MB
UnZippedapprox. 275MB