Feeds Configuration

Various configurations are available to suit your needs.
The configuration will be done by your CSM based on your requests.
You may request to configure the following parameters in your feeds :

  • Metric types generated in the feed can be set to Foot Traffic/Panel/Home distance/Work distance in any combination.
  • Data aggregation - can be set to Daily/Weekly/Monthly.
  • Regions - which are included in the feed. Can be set to Nationwide/State/DMA/CBSA, in any combination of regions.
  • Delivery frequency - can be scheduled to Daily/Weekly/Monthly/One time.
  • Aggregation start day - can be set to any day of the week. Relevant for weekly aggregated feeds only.
  • Delivery bucket can be defined based on your choice. More information about delivery options is available at https://docs.placer.ai/docs.
  • Feed format - can be set to either CSV or Parquet.
  • .success file - can be configured to receive this file as an indication of the delivery completion. The file is empty and serves only as an indication.
  • Control files - the feed can be configured to include control files, which may assist with validating the expected data. The information within those files includes:
    1. The count of entities broken by entity type(i.e. chains, venues, complexes, billboards) within the folder where the control file is located (Note : entity types with a count of 0 entities within a specific folder will not be included in the control file).
    2. The total number of records within the folder where the control file is located.
    3. The number of files within the folder where the control file is located.
      You may download here a sample feed that includes the control files.



The aggregation period selected should be shorter than or equal to the delivery frequency(e.g. aggregation period = daily & delivery frequency=weekly).