Industry Trends

Industry Trends provide insights into the overall trend of specific retail categories by regions. It is especially useful for evaluating the COVID-19 recovery.

This feed is reflecting the Industry Trends section's data available now in the platform.

Files Delivery



Industry trends report can be now be configured to be generated and delivered on a monthly basis.

  • Once enabled, files will be uploaded to your cloud bucket (AWS/GCS) or SFTP server (see Delivery Options for further details) once a week or month (based on your configuration).

  • Files will be located under this path:
    - upload date, example: 2022-03-22

  • Each delivery includes a CSV file for each year (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021) of the industry-trend data for that year. The CSV Schema is detailed below.

  • In addition to the industry-trend data, a Chain-Coverage file is provided with each delivery.

  • Each file is GZip compressed


Data Retention and Usage

Placer's algorithms and data constantly improve, therefore we include all the history in every export. We strongly suggest not to use data provided in old exports with new ones to avoid data anomalies.

Schema - Industry-Trends Data

Each row represents aggregated trend data of a for a defined aggregation time frame, Region and Category.
Supported aggregation time frames: Weekly and Monthly.
Supported Regions: Nationwide, State, DMA and CBSA (MSA).
Supported Categories such as Clothing, Electronics store, etc. as explained n the Venue Categories.


Categories may be updated

Note that every once in a while Placer may update the categories based on customer feedback. In these cases, feed customer will be given a 2 weeks notice in advance.

region_typeIncluded types: 'Nationwide', 'State', 'DMA' & 'CBSA' are supportedStringDMA
region_nameRegion's namestringDMA, 662 - Abilene-Sweetwater, TX
region_codeRegion's codestring662
categoryIndustry CategorystringClothing, Electronics store
start_dateData start dateYYYY-MM-DD2020-01-06
end_dateData end date (inclusive)YYYY-MM-DD2020-01-12
category_foottrafficThe category's total estimated foot-trafficnumber2528
category_foottraffic_previous_yearThe category's total estimated foot-traffic for the previous yearnumber8973
OR category_foottraffic_previous_month
The category's total estimated foot-traffic for the previous weeknumber
Year over year weekly change in percenatgepercentage0.81
Week over week change in percentagepercentage-0.49
category_groupBusiness domainsstringApparel, Electronics
industry_idIdentification of the specific industrystring

Schema - Chain Coverage

Each export folder will include a chain-coverage file, used for:

  1. Understanding which Chains are included in each Category.
  2. Evaluating the current venue level coverage (compared to the official number) of each chain.
idPlacer's Chain IDstring'59ae96a9173f562d3c355488'
nameChain namestring'Dick's Sporting Goods'
categoryChain Categorystring'Apparel'
sub_categoryChain Sub-categorystring'Sporting Goods Shop'
coveragePlacer's coverage compare to the official number of venuespercent0.9
category_groupBusiness domainsstringApparel, Electronics


Use the following files to review the delivery format structure.
The actual delivery will include more data (more history/industries/regions).
Link to Sample file