WoW/YoY Change with Corona Cases Report

WoW/YoY Change with Corona Cases report showing the change in foot-traffic

Files Delivery

  • WoW/YoY Change with Corona Cases report is delivered every Thursday; each delivery includes previous week's data and history from the beginning of 2020

  • A csv file will be produced per delivery with:

    1. Last week data
    2. Historical data from the beginning of 2020
      For example, the file delivered on March 18th 2021, will be named: "[Customer Name]_corona_weekly_portfolio_2020-01-01_2021-03-15.csv"
  • The file will be delivered via an automated email with a link for download (valid for 14 days)

CSV Schema Overview

idPlacer's entity IDstring'5ef5f48d7afe4
propertyCustomer property namestring'Elk Grove
Town Center'
addressProperty addressstring'980 Elk Grove
Town Center,
Elk Grove Village, United States'
latEntity latitude.
Only available for entities
of type 'venue' or 'complex'
lngEntity longitude.
Only available for entities
of type 'venue' or 'complex'
regionEntity region/statestring'Illinois'
weekReport weekdate'06/01/2020'
week_foottrafficEstimated foot-traffic in the location during the relevant
time frame.
foot-traffic is extrapolated from the number of visits generated by Placer's panel.
Estimated traffic in previous weekinteger85978
Change in traffic from previous weekinteger-4523
Change percent in foot-traffic from previous weekdouble-0.06654
previous_year_weekSame week previous yeardate'06/01/2019'
previous_year_week _foottrafficEstimated weekly traffic in previous year (same week)integer574963
previous_year_wow _change_foottrafficChange in traffic from previous year (same week)integer2452
previous_year_wow _change_percentChange percent in traffic from previous year (same week)double-0.149828155
total_corona_casesCurrent corona confirmed casesinteger1212895


  • Use the following files to review the delivery format structure.
  • The actual delivery will include more data (more weeks).
    Link to Sample file