Venue-Info Metadata

Used alongside the Chain/Venue Metrics data-feed, the 'Venue Info Feed', provides additional static metadata, such as an address, category, store ID, etc for every Venue/Complex that is included in your feed.



This feed is usually used for use cases such as:

  1. Mapping Placer's venues/complex to your own venues using store ID, address, etc
  2. Decide on which IDs to include in advanced aggregations based on the provided meta-data

This feed should not be used for building your own Venue database or for any usage that is not (or loosely) related to Placer's data. Any caching of the venue's info data requires written confirmation from

Files Delivery

  • Once enabled, Venue Info metadata files*CSV/PARQUET) will be added to your Chain/Venue Metrics data-feed under the metadata subfolder. Example path: '/export/analytics/multi_metrics/weekly/2020-01-30/chains/metadata/'

  • Files are created per chain. Examples:
    Walmart_Supercenter_2020-07-27.csv.gz - The Venue Info for all Walmart properties that were included in the Data-Feed file of July 27, 2020.

  • The files can be generated as either CSV or PARQUET formatted

  • Each file is a GZip compressed file


Data Retention and Usage

Placer's algorithms and data constantly improve. Therefore, Venue Info may change occasionally, and new venues may be added. We strongly suggest not using data provided in old exports with new ones to avoid data anomalies.

Schema Overview

Each file will have the following columns:

idPlacer's entity IDstring'59ae96a9173f562d3c355488'
typeEntity type. See Location Info for a full list of supported types.string'venue'
nameEntity's Name (in many cases will be the same as the chain's name)string'Dick's Sporting Goods'
chain_idParent Chain IDstring588795f54c0da83f6d1c1414
chain_nameParent Chain Namestring'Dick's Sporting Goods'
latThe entity's latitude.double37.786099
lngThe entity's longitude.double-121.46352
categoryEntity's Categorystring'Apparel'
sub_categoryEntity's Sub-category.
*** Based on the new categories scheme
string'Recreational & Sporting Goods'
store_idIf available, the official store ID as defined by the parent chain.string'82358'
addressEntity's address (Street + number)string700-706 Mission St
cityEntity's city namestringSan Francisco
state_nameEntity's state namestringCalifornia
state_codeEntity's state codestringCA
countryEntity's country namestringUnited States
country_codeEntity's country codestringUS
zipcodeEntity's zipcodestring94103
dma_nameThe DMA's namestring"Albany, GA"
dma_codeThe DMA's codenumber525
cbsa_nameThe MSAs or micro-MSAs namestring"San Luis Obispo-Paso Robles, CA Metro Area"
cbsa_codeThe MSAs or micro-MSAs numbernumber42020
opening_dateThe first known date a certain venue was publicly openedISO-8601 date2020-08-01
closing_dateThe last known date a certain venue was closedISO-8601 date2020-09-01
enclosing_shopping_center_idThe POI ID of the enclosing shopping center for the requestedstring'5f1da6d1e7e43b78baea93df'
enclosing_shopping_center_nameThe POI name of the enclosing shopping center for the requestedstring'Long Beach Towne Center111'
category_groupBusiness domains.
*** Based on the new categories scheme
publication_dateData publication dateISO-86012020-08-01